Cat Foley Workshops

Cat Foley. Dancer. Actress. Ball of bodacious badassery. This gal rocks.


Cat is a legend in Liverpool. A Founder,  one of the Company Directors and a Teacher at Mersey Swing, Cat is a proud scouser who has travelled the world teaching, winning competitions and inspiring dancers. Cat’s enthusiasm for the dance is infectious. If you are not already hooked on Lindy – you will be. She’s even inspired Momma Foley to Lindy!

Cat is going to continue to share her vast knowledge with us here in Liverpool. You want to improve your Lindy AND have fun doing so. Come and get it. You will leave with a smile and fancy new moves in your pocket.


Cat and Cam Conquer the Lindy Hop

Want more bounce to your basics? Move swing to swingout? Join Cat and Cam for a double whammy workshop on 22nd Oct!

Class 1: Essentials 101
Infuse your dancing with the unmissable fundamentals that make a dance magical! This class is aimed at newer dancers or those wanting to reach the next level of awesome!

Class 2: Magica Moves and Technique FTW!
This workshop will take what you already know, and BLOW YOUR MIND with some amazing tips, and techniques. This class is aimed at dancers who know their way around a dance floor.

Location: Black E, Liverpool

Date: October 22, 2017


Class 1:     11:00am until 12:30pm (updated time)

Class 2:     13:00pm until 14:30pm (updated time)

Prices and ticket information are noted below.

Cat and Cam Teacher Training

Teaching in your local scene?

Join us for a workshop with International Instructors, Cat and Cam. Fresh off the boat from who knows what exotic Lindy Location, Cat and Cam will be sharing their teaching philosophy in this practical workshop.

Location: Black E, Liverpool

Date: October 22, 2017

Time: 15:00pm until 17:00pm (updated time)

Please note: this event is for dancers already teaching in their scene.


Ticket Info

Class 1: Essentials                     £20
Class 2: Magical Moves             £20
Teacher Training                        £30
Class 1 & 2                          £35
Teacher Training & Class 2       £40
Class 1 & 2 & Teach Training   £55

Eventbrite - Cat and Cam Conquer the Lindy Hop
The Details

  • Tickets are non refundable but you can give your ticket to someone else.
  • Mersey Swing reserves the right to refund you your ticket if you have booked for teacher training and are not currently a teacher in your scene.
  • Mersey Swing tries to maintain a safer dance space.