About Mersey Swing

Mersey Swing is a dance company based in Liverpool, UK, who specialise in sharing the joy and excitement of vintage swing dancing through classes, events and performances.

Mersey Swing CIC is a Social Enterprise based in Liverpool, UK. At Mersey Swing we are passionate about sharing the joy, excitement and creativity of swing dancing. We focus on creating a positive, fun-filled and welcoming atmosphere where you can meet new people and learn some new dance moves along the way.

The aim of Mersey Swing is to increase health and wellbeing through dancing and positive social interaction. We do this by providing classes, workshops, events, performances, and interaction with community and charity events.

Mersey Swing CIC is a sustainable and transparently governed organisation that complies with relevant legislation and legal requirements. Mersey Swing is also a professional member of the Federation for Community Dance.


Further information about Mersey Swing

Mersey Swing is Liverpool’s home of the cultural and vintage dance styles known as Swing. ‘Swing dance’ is an umbrella term that encompasses many vintage/vernacular American Jazz styles including Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Jitterbug and Lindy Hop.

These dances paved the way for the later swing dances such as Boogie-woogie, Rock ‘n’ Roll, West and East Coast Swing and Jive. Mersey Swing focuses on the early swing styles, and specialise in the origin of swing dances – the Lindy Hop. Lindy Hop is a partnered dance, originating in late 1920’s Harlem, born out of partnered Charleston and the ‘breakaway’ and influenced by many popular dances of the time such as the ‘Turkey Trot’ and the ‘Texas Tommy’.

Mersey Swing is unique in the provision of this dance style, being the only solely dedicated dance company in 
Merseyside to offer this vintage style tuition and social events. Mersey Swing provides weekly classes for adult beginners, improvers and intermediate dancers in Liverpool City Centre as well as private tuition and performances. Additionally, regular skills workshops are conducted and Mersey Swing regularly brings international dance teachers to Liverpool to add variety to the teaching schedule.

Mersey Swing performs regularly for the community and engages with both private and charitable partners. Most recently, Mersey Swing performed a flash mob in partnership with a local Liverpool charity, Nugent Care, and Liverpool City Council, to increase the awareness of dignity for those affected by Dementia. Mersey Swing has performed for charity events for The Brain Trust and Marie Curie. Mersey Swing also regular interacts with Council-led initiatives such as Light Night (Liverpool’s one-night arts and culture festival), World Mental Health Day and Liverpool Museum activities designed to educate adults and young people about historical cultural activities. Mersey Swing contributes to the health and wellbeing strategy within Liverpool by providing opportunities for residents to increase their physical activity and provides socialisation opportunities, which improves mental health and community cohesion. Teaching a vintage dance style also increases cultural awareness.


The History of Mersey Swing

Mersey Swing became a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) in April 2013. The Board of Directors are:

Hannah Anderson, Social Secretary
Pippa Dawson, Vice Chair
Cat Foley, Artistic Director
Helen Maguire, Treasurer
Susan Whittle, Secretary
Normandie Wragg, Chair


The Mersey Swing Management Committee

Mersey Swing’s continuation and growth is being supported by the members of Mersey Swing and a committee. The Management Committee is currently made up of a group of Mersey Swingers, who want to see Mersey Swing grow. All committee members are volunteering their time.

Certain members of the committee will be coaching in the classes and have been taking workshops across the country and abroad in order to share what they have learned with Liverpool.


The Mersey Swing Management Committee is governed by the Board of Directors.