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  • Hannah Anderson

Part 1: From the Palm House, to your house! Learn some basics

Rounding off what has been an... interesting year to say the least, Mersey Swing teamed up with the Palm House, Sefton Park to host a series of online classes, designed to get people moving despite the colder weather. We'd love to share them with you, as a great way to get a few moves under your belt. Maybe you're missing dancing right now, or maybe you're hoping to come to your first class soon. So here's a little bit of Mersey Swing, from the Palm House- to your house!

Our class mentions Josephine Baker, one of the foremost African American performers of the 1920s, who also became an agent in the French Resistance during WWII! Find out more about the amazing Josephine Baker below:

To get even more kicks from Charleston, check out our playlist of some great songs to dance to:


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