Pre-paid Class Card/Gift Card: £45 for 10 classes

Want to be the first in class! Are you that keen?!

Our pre-paid class card may be just for you. It is also a great gift idea!

Mersey Swing pre-paid class/gift cards


How it works

It’s pretty straight forward. You purchase the card online, you take your proof of purchase to class at Mersey Swing, and we provide you with your card. Each time you come to class, you can jump the queue, get your card stamped and you are in class!

If you are purchasing this as a gift (and what a great gift this would be!?), we would be happy to mail this out to you. Please ensure you complete your information in the form.

These cards apply to the Essentials Class, the Moves and Techniques class (both on Wednesdays), and the Solo Jazz class on Thursdays.


Cost: £45.00

Each pre-paid card costs £45. That means you are saving 50p per class and it’s easy. You could even share it with a friend, or bring along 10 friends for a special occasion!

When you order please indicate if you wish the card to be mailed to you or if you would prefer to collect this in class.