Which vintage dance class is for me?

At Mersey Swing we offer four different types of fun and interesting vintage dance classes. These include a Fundamentals Class, our Techniques Class, a Moves Class, and a Solo Jazz class. In all classes except the Solo Jazz class, we dance with partners and rotate partners regularly throughout the class. Our main purpose is to have fun, so if you have two left feet but are ready to have a go and a laugh, this is the place to be.

Mersey Swing Essentials

Never danced a step in your life? Been a couple of times? Not danced in ages? Come and brush up your skills in this 45 min, vintage partnered dance class where we’ll go through the basics of the dance called the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. This is a 10 week rolling cycle and we recommend you do all 10 weeks so you’ll find hopping into the Moves and Techniques Classes a bit easier. Now with the addition of Monday nights you can potentially progress through all 10 Essentials classes in just 5 weeks!


You don’t need a partner as we rotate partners throughout the class. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that do not have too much grip. This class will run at the same time as the Technique and Moves Classes and will be followed by a one hour Social Dance.

Once you are comfortable with Mersey Swing Fundamentals, then you are off to Mersey Swing’s Technique and Moves Class!

Mersey Swing’s Moves and Techniques Classes

Have you caught the Lindy Hop/Charleston fever? Know all the moves in the Fundamental Class cycle like the back of your hand? Danced elsewhere? You’ll need to have spoken to/danced with members of our committee to attend this class or have attended the Steppin’ on Up workshop. Here’s where you hone your skills and get better at connection, footwork patterns and stretch/compression.

We regularly get advanced teachers in to teach this class and when the legend Cat Foley is in town, she takes this class bringing a sense of humour and world class expertise.

Steppin’ on Up! (A Mersey Swing Transition Class)

Phew! You did it, you made it through the 10 week rotation in the Fundamentals Class, and are now thoroughly hooked. You may want to go to that next level, or you may want to gain more confidence in your dancing within the Main Class, interpret the music, refine your technique, and of course have even more fun and laughter!

This 2 hour class, which will usually be held on the weekend at the end of the 10 week cycle, will recognise and refine all the skills you have already attained and assist you in the transition to the next level or fine tuning those skills you are working on in the Main Class. We will ensure that we celebrate this success by having a class group jam, just for you!

We want everyone to be able to participate so if you are unable to attend this class, just speak to one of us and we will find a solution.

Mersey Swing Vintage Solo Jazz

In this class we go over classic solo jazz moves and put these together, learning class solo jazz routines, such as the Big Apple, the California Routine, the Tranky Doo, and the Shim Sham. We also create our own choreography. Ever fancied solo jazz to the Cookie Monster singing, ‘Call Me Maybe’? This. Is. That. Class.



Mersey Swing & Blues
Mersey Swing & Rock
Mersey Swing Balboa
Mersey Swing & Fly (an aerials class)
Mersey Swing & Rise (an Intermediate level workshop)
Mersey Swing Fellas of Jazz
Mersey Swing Solo Jazz

Throughout the year, we will hold various workshops. Watch our website for more details.

Want More?! Love Dancing?

If you want to level up your dancing faster, we regularly attend classes and workshops around the North West – come along with us! We hold regular workshops and invite in guest teachers for advanced workshops and events so you can practice your moves and have fun social dancing. We also hold regular FREE social dances, a yearly Winter Ball in January and the occasional competition. All classes and workshops and events are updated on both our website or our Facebook page (Mersey Swing) and discussion group (Mersey Swing!).