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Swing Dance

Whether you're a pro or have two left feet, our classes are welcoming, with a focus on getting to know people and having fun. If you've never danced before, no worries, and if you don't have a partner-we have plenty (usually!).  

We have a beginners class for people new to swing dance and our main class is suitable for people who've been dancing for 2 or more months. 

• Learn lindy hop & charleston • • wednesday 7-9pm •
Arts Bar 22 Hope Street, Liverpool, l1 9by


About classes

This class will be a great way to start or get back into Lindy hop. There are TWO options to join in and TWO ways to pay:


• dance in a pair •

Turn up with your mate and stay with that partner for the whole class. One of you will dance 'Lead' and the other 'Follow' you can choose to switch roles within your partnership throughout the block of classes. 


• dance in the circle

Turn up on your own, or with your mate(s) and rotate partners throughout the class. If you've been to class in the 'before times' this is how we're used to running things. 


• Social dancing

There will be social dancing after class open to whoever attended. No one is under pressure to dance with anyone they're uncomfortable with, everyone is free to ask and everyone is free to say "no" and everyone is OK with that.


• Payment

We now have a card machine and prefer that to cash where possible.

Pre-pay card- £45 either in advance (email us) or on the door, that'll get you 10 classes for £4.50 each.

Pay-as-you-dance- pay £5.50 on the door.


Please note: we are no longer offering our loyalty card.  




New to Lindy Hop?

We've got you covered!


You have two routes to start your Lindy Hop journey. 

Swing into Lindy is our 6-week course for absolute Beginners. This course will take you on a journey through time, where you'll learn the origins of swing dancing and how the dance developed as you learn. You'll pick up the basic footwork patterns and moves- and the confidence to dance them!

Drop-In Beginners Class every Wednesday at 8 pm at the Arts Bar studios on Hope Street. These classes will cover similar content to the Swing into Lindy Course but are drop-in so there is no need to book. 

We ask that new dancers attend at least 8 beginners classes OR a Swing Into Lindy course before attending the Main Class. 

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Courses & Workshops

• Balboa • Blues • Charleston •  •  Lindy Hop & More •

Throughout the year we run courses and workshops in a variety of Swing Dance styles, with local and international teachers. 

Unlike our Wednesday classes, booking is essential for courses and workshops. Costs vary, visit our 'Events' page to find out what's coming up and book your place.

Courses & Workshops

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  • What time is your weekly class?
    Our Wednesday night class starts at 7pm: Main class 7pm Beginners 8pm Social dancing 9pm
  • Where are the classes?
    Our classes are now in the top floor studio of Arts Bar, 22 Hope Street, 2nd Floor, Liverpool, L1 9BY. The venue has stairs from the street and there is a lift up to the studio, unfortunatly the venue is not wheelchair accessible. There is also a bar on the ground floor. We fully intend to have a tipple after class!
  • Are classes drop in? Can I just show up?
    Classes are drop-in, you can show up any week you like!
  • Can I come if I have a disability/ issue that might make it hard for me to partner dance?
    We welcome anyone to Mersey Swing. A few of our team and members have disabilities so you won't be alone. We're not experts, but we'll work with you to make sure you have a good time. You can either rock up on the night and see how you go, or you can give us an email ahead of time:
  • Do I need a partner to join?
    No, you don't need a partner to join the class, most people come on their own. We rotate partners throughout the class so you'll get to meet lots of new people that you can dance with in the social at the end!
  • What age group are the classes aimed at?
    Our Wednesday night classes are aimed at over 18s. We have a wide age range of people who attend- from early 20s to 60s/70s.
  • Are your classes beginner friendly?
    Our Swing Into Lindy classes are suitable for complete beginners.
  • Can you share my event please?
    We generally only post our own events on the website, but if you have a relevant event, that doesn't clash with one of our own, feel free to share it on our Facebook group: Mersey Swing Discussion.
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