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  • Hannah Anderson

Covid-19 Update: Sept 2020

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

With the Government guidance being updated frequently in response to Covid-19, we'd like update everyone with what you can expect from Mersey Swing for the next little bit. We've been regularly reviewing as a team, and understand that it's a strange time; we're doing our best to maintain our community whilst working our day jobs and dealing with everything else this time is throwing at us. Please be patient- if you can see a gap, and feel you could help, get in touch- we're volunteer-run and are really thankful to have a community with such diverse backgrounds and skills.

Resuming In-Person Classes

Until guidelines change, any classes we run in person will meet the following conditions:

  • Be short courses (approx 4 weeks) that need to be booked in advance.

  • All classes will be in The Black E's main room

  • Classes will focus on solo movement- there will be no partnered dancing

  • To participate we recommend masks upon entry, we'll provide hand gel, but it's always wise to bring your own too

  • Numbers will be limited to 15

  • Classes will be risk assessed- if you'd like to see a copy of our risk assessment, ask us. The Black E will also have their own risk assessment that we are also taking into account

  • Classes will last for one hour only, with no social dance

  • Until the new year, classes will be 'pay as you feel' we recognise that this is a difficult time for many, and as teachers and committee volunteer their time- we just need to cover room hire. Classes must be paid for in monthly blocks, in advance, via BACS. We will not be using loyalty cards during this time

Cancellations, Track and Trace & What to do if you test positive for Covid-19

  • Classes are subject to cancellation if local/national guidance changes, or if numbers are too low. Where this happens, you will be offered a refund or credit (where applicable) toward future classes.

  • If you start to show symptoms of Covid-19, follow the latest guidelines on what to do next

  • Both the Black E and Mersey Swing CIC will be collecting data for Track and Trace purposes, your information will be securely kept for 21 days after the final class of the block you've signed up for. Data will only be passed on if requested from the official Tracing body.

Online Stuff

Thank you to everyone who has contributed quizzes (and attended them) they have been really fun! Obviously not everyone will be able to attend in person classes and so we feel that there is still a place for our community to keep in touch online. This is what we're thinking:

  • Online classes that mirror the in-person ones- subject to interest

  • Recommending online classes from other teachers in a regular round-up over on the Facebook page

  • Be a bit more organised for regular nights together- with watch parties, Swing-O Bingo, discussion topics and obviously quizzes- we need you, if you've got an idea or would like to host give Hannah an email or a message:!

Smack Down (Oct)

We are gutted to not be having the Smack Down this year, but we've come up with an awesome idea to bring the Smack Down to you in some small way- a survival kit, if you like! We've packed all our favourite things about Liverpool into a conveniently sized box which you can order here

Lindy in the Sky (Jan 2021)

Whilst we've not made the final call on whether this will go ahead, we can say that it's likely to be a one day workshop for local dancers, we'll find ways of injecting some Mersey Swing Magic- don't worry ;) . We've not opened ticket sales, but if you're interested and would like to hear updates first, you can pre-register over on our Events page- it doesn't commit you to anything, it just lets us know that people are interested.


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