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  • Hannah Anderson

How Can I hear More Jazz?

So you've been to a dance class, or you're just really intrigued by Jazz and want to know more? Well, you've come to a good place! Mersey Swing has a Spotify with loads of difference playlists for you to discover.


Some useful playlists could be our BPM (Beats Per Minute) lists. These songs are sorted by tempo (speed), so you can practice at a slower pace, and when you're ready to, crank it all the way up to 300 BPM!


A great way to discover more Jazz, is to pay attention to the name's of Artists, then you can search for the rest of the catalogue or use the 'Radio' or 'Auto Playlist' function depeding on your media player and find similar artists. Sometimes you'll get some duds, but you might find a real Doozy!

Some of my favourite artists are:

Ella Fitzgerald

Slim Galliard

Count Basie

Duke Ellington

Ask and Share

Heard a song you liked? Get on over to the DJ table and ask what it was! You'll discover new music to listen to at home, AND you'll let the DJ know that they're doing a great job (no one claps DJs between songs, how else with they know?) Likewise if you hear a good song in class- ask the teacher what it was during the class, sometimes they forget to mention it. And if you've discovered something boss- tell your mates! Share it with us on our Facebook group, or on your social media feed, it keeps the music alive and helps others discover something they might really love.


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