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  • Hannah Anderson

Part 2: From the Palm House, to your house! Learn some basics

Seeing out 2020 with Jazz hands, Mersey Swing teamed up with the Palm House, Sefton Park to host a series of online classes, we'd love to share them with you, as a great way to get a few moves under your belt. Maybe you're missing dancing right now, or maybe you're hoping to come to your first class soon. So here's a little bit of Mersey Swing, from the Palm House- to your house!

This taster class was based on a routine by Frankie Manning, one of the early dancers from Harlem, New York. Here's some inspirational dancing from his troupe, The Congaroos from 1948.

Here's another, more recent clip of Frankie, this time dancing the full Shim Sham, so if you enjoyed our routine, why not give it a go! As well as being an original Lindy Hopper, Frankie was part of the revival of swing dancing, which started in the 80s and continues today. He was a man that was generous with his talent and enthusiasm in spreading the joy of Lindy Hop to as many people as he could. Frankie's birthday, 26th May is now International Lindy Hop Day in his honour.

And finally, here's one of our favourite playlists for some brilliant songs to practice your moves to:


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